Effect samples for Wigranit® Novacolor

Marble effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Natural sponge effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Texture effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Template effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Spot effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Mottling effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Drop effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Staple fibre effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Stopping effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Wipe effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Jeans effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Flow effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Hammered effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Leather texture effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Comb effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Crackle finish effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Nap effect WNC Manual (pdf)

Examples of effects with Variocryl® Color

Marble effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Natural sponge effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Texture effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Template effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Spot effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Mottling effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Drop effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Staple fibre effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Stopping effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Wipe effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Jeans effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Flow effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Hammered effect VCC

Leather texture effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Comb effect VCC Manual (pdf)

Effect samples for Unocryl Structure Filler


Spatula effect

Marble effect

Streak coating effect

Serrated trowel effect

Concrete effect

Patina effect

Rust effect (light)

Rust effect (dark)


Whether discreet or particularly conspicuous: Unusual surfaces are often used in high quality shop fittings and exclusive interior fittings. The partial use of effects in furniture is currently fashionable and is increasingly displayed at furniture fairs. It can often be the interesting surface of a drawer or cabinet door that makes the whole item of furniture catch the eye.  The Zweihorn® brand offers a variety of creative effects from solvent and water-based coloured paints to effectively display your objects.

Note: Your screen may alter the colour. We strongly recommend testing the stain or paint/varnish on a hidden location. Stained samples should be varnished before assessment.