Wigranit® Top Color

Successor product to Wigranit® Novacolor WNC. We have now further developed the renowned coloured paint system into an even better 2K-PUR coloured paint that has exceeded all expectations.

  • Outstanding coverage even after a single coat
  • Easy to paint on vertical surfaces
  • Maximum ring and scratch resistance
  • Maximum hardness
  • Good sealing and filling properties on raw MDF (even in damp rooms)
  • Optimum ring resistance
  • Can be used on suitable surfaces without filler
  • Very popular gloss level 25 (semi matt)

MR 5:1 (20%) and 10:1 (10 %) with PUR 5085, Thinner S 9004 (normal drying), S 9029 (slow drying), S 9008 (fast drying for vertical airmix application)


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