Variocryl® Color Effect Paint

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High-quality two-pack, waterborne
PUR effect paints for increased requirements. Coating applications in metallic, pearl-lustre and gold.

  • good filling power
  • very good sag resistance
  • lightfast pigments
  • high brilliance
  • all effect paints can also be tinted with VCC/Colour

MR 20:1 (5 %) with PUR Waterborne Paint Hardener PWH 3200, thinner water or Variocryl® Optimizer


Mischungsverhältnis PWH 3200 20:1 Topfzeit 4 Std. spritzen (Hoch-/Niederdruck)
Effect samples for Variocryl® Color
Zweihorn® Buntlacke Effektlack - Metallic

Metallic WNC

Zweihorn® Buntlacke Effektlack - Gold

Gold WNC

Zweihorn® Buntlacke Effektlack - Perlglanz

Pearlescent WNC

EN 71-3

EN 71-3 – European Standard - Migration of heavy metals Heavy metals/chemical elements (e.g., tests children’s toys) DIN 53160-1/2 saliva and sweat fastness
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