High-gloss painted interior fittings have special class and have the highest requirements in terms of treatment and material. To produce a perfect high gloss surface, we offer solvent and water-based products for maximum treatment safety and are thus constantly setting new standards for product innovation. Thanks to our different high gloss systems, you can meet all the requirements for a qualified and expert solution. Our high gloss clear varnishes are convincing thanks to their exceptional brilliance and depth combined with high durability - whatever system you choose.

Wigranit® Novacolor High-Gloss Paint

High-quality, pigmented two-pack PUR high-gloss...


Crystallit® High-Gloss Varnish

Brilliant, transparent two-pack PUR high-gloss...


Duritan® High-Gloss Varnish

Transparent, brilliant, three-pack High-


Duocryl High-Gloss Varnish

Highly transparent two-pack PUR varnish for very...


High-Gloss Grinding Compound

Waterborne grinding and polishing paste. Contains

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