Wigranit® Allround Filler

Multifunctional, white pigmented 2-pack PU allround primer with an extremely smooth surface finish.

  • easy to use - perfect for mass production
  • quickly drying (sandable after four hours)
  • good filling power
  • can be applied on MDF without any isolation (except wet rooms)
  • good isolating properties

MR 10:1 (10 %) with PU Hardener 5085, PU Thinner S 9004 or S 9029


Topfzeit 8 Std. spritzen (Hoch-/Niederdruck)
DIN 4102

DIN 4102 – standard applicable to Germany Fire behaviour/low flammability General building inspectorate certificate [ABP – Allgemein bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis]
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MED 2014/90/EU

Schwerentflammbar gemäß Schifffahrtsausrüstungsrichtlinie MED 2014/90/EU, zuletzt geändert durch die Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2023/1667.
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