Service for carpenters and joiners

Our specialist consultants can advise you on all questions regarding surface design and can also instruct you at your premises in the workshop. We are the first and only manufacturer to also offer online consultation with Orakel. This means that you can get answers to your questions around the clock regarding the object to be processed.

In addition to real wood sample cards for stains and natural products, Zweihorn® also provides numerous guides (e.g., Naturtrend Guide, Parquet Guide, etc.), which provide you with useful tips and information on processing and more. In order to advise your customers, we provide you with the ZISS case containing numerous real wood samples that can be taken out. This sales tool is unique on the market.


ZISS - The tool for your customer consulting

Zweihorn® offers you a set of consulting documents and real wood samples that you can use in a targeted...

Mixing systems

Mixing systems

Almost all colours, for example according to RAL, Sikkens or NCS, can be created by a perfectly sophisticated...

System compositions

System compositions

Our "The perfect method for surfaces" overviews provide you with waterborne, solvent-based and natural...

Cleaning and Care

Cleaning and Care

Every surface needs specific care. Zweihorn® offers a complete range of cleaning...

Leaflets and guides

Leaflets and guides

Zweihorn® offers you a variety of interesting brochures and guides, which will give you all the important...

high gloss surface

Object reports

You have a vision, the idea for an innovative object - we have the right products to protect and refine the...

Cover Technical projects

Technical projects

From aspiring technicians for practitioners in the workshops...

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