Wigranit® Residues Filler

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Innovative, resource-efficient two-pack PUR filler, which can be mixed with the leftovers of solvent-based Zweihorn® PUR varnishes/paints. Suitable for almost all applications (except in wet rooms).

  • Utilization of unhardened Zweihorn® two-pack PUR varnishes/paints
  • high disposal costs no longer required
  • making of a coloured filler of your choice with Wigranit® Novacolor (if the mixing ratio is 1:1 (100 % by volume), it is also suitable for wet room applications)

MR 10:1 (10 %, by weight) or 100:15
(15 %, by volume) with PUR Hardener 5085, PUR Thinner S 9004 or S 9029


Mischverhältnis PUR 5085 100:15 Topfzeit 4 Std. spritzen (Hoch-/Niederdruck)