Natural Products

The sustainability and healthy living trend is establishing modern methods in new contemporary interior decoration. Natural surfaces impress by their high quality purist presence, longevity and timelessness. With Naturtrend oils and waxes, you can give wooden furniture and floors a high quality natural surface and at the same time contribute to a healthy and sustainable living environment, free from harmful and allergenic terpenes for safe treatment, even for children's toys.

Naturtrend Hard Oil

High-quality, transparent 100% oil for
many fields...


Naturtrend Project Oil

High-quality, transparent oil with wax
content for...


Naturtrend Hard Wax Oil

High-quality, transparent oil/wax
combination for...


Naturtrend Hard Wax - solid -

High-quality, transparent for decorative
fields of...


Naturtrend Beeswax Balm

High-quality, transparent beeswax prepara-
tion for...

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