Responsibility towards future generations

Sustainability is a term we hear everywhere these days. Many companies in all branches of industry claim to operate sustainably, publish sustainability reports and even name employees as "sustainability representatives". But what does sustainability actually mean? The term is first and foremost associated with environmental protection, but sustainability is much wider than that:

  1. Using renewable raw materials and energy is probably the best known method.
  2. However, employee development is also an important factor for sustainability.
  3. Financial strength is the third component for assessing the sustainability of a company.

We are therefore continually expanding our share of sustainable productions and solutions, whilst at the same time increasingly ensuring that our production processes protect resources. In this way, we want to turn challenges into opportunities. This is the only way to ensure the long-term success of our company. An approach that even reflects our sustainability strategy in its name: “Doing more with less”.

AkzoNobel has for many years always been in one of the leading positions of the DOW Jones Sustainability Index.

All the more sustainable Zweihorn® products are marked with the corresponding sustainability symbol, so that you can contribute to sustainability when choosing surface materials.