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At AkzoNobel we believe that creating a sustainable future doesn’t happen by dreaming, it happens by doing. That’s why we protect the future by taking action every day. But did you know that Zweihorn has provided sustainable solutions for more than 20 years?

Our trusted range of waterborne products combines the benefits of low odor and quick drying with tough durability and excellent coverage for a proven, sustainable approach to interior coatings. Including products such as Unocryl, Variocryl®, and Duocryl varnishes and Variocryl® Color colored paints, the systems present the ideal coating option for those looking for quality and sustainable benefits.

The products

Zweihorn® waterborne paints

Zweihorn® waterborne paints combine the benefits of synthetic resin paints plus quicker drying, a long open time and excellent coverage without any odour. By switching to processing with Zweihorn® waterborne paints, you can save money because of the high body and work in an extremely environmentally friendly manner.

Unocryl, Variocryl and Duocryl varnishes

These clear varnishes are of the latest generation. They are quick drying, have a very good brilliance, are highly resistant to chemicals, scratch-resistant and as a two-component lacquer, also have excellent cream and grease resistance.

They are available for every usage requirement:

Variocryl® Color colored paints

Variocryl® Color colored paints can be used as one and two-component. They are quick drying, have good hiding power and as a two-component colour varnish, are ring resistant, cream and grease resistant, even without clear varnish.

With the Variofill 1K/2K-PUR filler as a base, you can achieve perfect coloured paint surfaces on almost all substrates such as MDF, plastic, metal, etc. which are extremely durable and hard-wearing (complete 2K structure).
Variofill filler

A final coat of Variocryl® clear lacquer protects the coloured lacquer surface from damage. Depending on the degree of gloss, a different look and feel can also be achieved (e.g. with Variocryl® deep matt clear varnish).
Clear varnish  Clear varnish deep-matt

Applications areas

Find solutions with waterborne varnishes for a wide range of applications:

Parquet finishing


The way to a perfect surface – Waterborne varnishes/paints

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