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Innovative, white-pigmented one-pack/two-pack PUR filler for normal and increased requirements.

  • as one-pack product for normal requirements
  • as two-pack product also applicable as insulating filler (reliable protection for use in wet rooms)
  • as an adhesion primer on aluminium, iron, steel and various plastic materials
  • very good filling power

The mixing ratio in case of the 2-pack processing is 10:1 (10 % by weight) or 100:15 (15 %, by volume) with PUR Waterborne Paint Hardener PWH 3200, thinner water or Variocryl® Optimizer.


Mischungsverhältnis PWH 3200 10:1 Topfzeit 6 Std. bei 2K spritzen (Hoch-/Niederdruck)
DIN 4102

DIN 4102 – für Deutschland gültige Norm Brandverhalten/Schwerentflammbarkeit ABP – Allgemein bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis
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DIN EN 13501-1

DIN EN 13501-1 – für Europa gültige Norm für Brandverhalten/Schwerentflammbarkeit
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