Variocryl® Stair Varnish

Nachhaltige Produkte VOC-konforme Produkte

Transparent one-pack/two-pack PUR stair varnish for extra heavy load.

  • creak-free (already as one-pack product), i.e., specially suitable for closed-string and bracketed wooden stairs
  • resistant to crème and grease already as one-pack product
  • extremely abrasion-proof, scratchproof and skid resistant as two-pack stair varnish
  • suitable for roller and brush application
  • good skid resistance
  • excellently suitable for coating of highly stressed components and furniture
  • Natural wood appearance in the gloss levels matt and silk

In the case of two-pack processing, MR 20:1 (5 %) with PUR Waterborne Paint Hardener PWH 3200, thinner Variocryl® Optimizer or tap water


Mischungsverhältnis PWH 3200 20:1 rollen nicht unter 5° C transportieren oder lagern spritzen (Airless/Airmix) spritzen (Hoch-/Niederdruck) streichen Topfzeit 4 Std. wasserverdünnbar