Be certain of a high quality surface

Quality gives you the certainty of being able to meet your clients‘ requirements.

Surface requirements are in constant growth. Thanks to our innovative products, we have often given rise to new and higher requirements in the market - always thinking of how to make your work more valuable.

We maintain a very high standard of quality from the development of the product to its production. This guarantees that only faultless and the most sustainable raw materials are used. Our quality management supervises and controls every production batch before it arrives in the warehouse.

Our products are always conceived as a complete system. This provides a perfect surface structure. Our clients say that our products are simple and easy to apply. The safety of use of our products makes them very popular with craftsmen and painters.

An example of this is our ‚ one hardener strategy‘: one hardener for fillers, paints and varnishes. Furthermore, our paints and varnishes meet many of the important test standards that you need for a variety of objects.