Seeing the future, going in new directions

Finding perfect and innovative solutions is a question of

We are always searching for improvements and innovation and we therefore develop novel products, product solutions and other services that revolutionise the market. For this, of course, we use the international development network of AkzoNobel.

This produces products such as Duritan®, the highspeed paint system, which is quickly hardened by sunlight and thus gains extreme hardness. An international patent has been filed for this paint system, which, since being introduced on the market, has been mainly used in the high-quality interior construction of ships, planes and villas.

Throughout our innovation process, our attention is drawn to seminal, environmentally friendly and sustainable systems, such as water varnish and natural products. We have also developed so-called hybrid systems, which have all the advantages of solventbased paints and varnishes whilst significantly reducing the VOC discharge. This system is also internationally patented under
the brand name Futuran®.