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Wolfgang Kotowski looks after Hans-Dietmar Hayer in his 36th year of employment. Read more here...

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Hendrichs, Eupen, is one of our long-time distributors. Proofs for that are the ancient stain cards...

<h1 style="color:rgb(12, 16, 51);">Times change.<br><strong>Quality endures.</strong></h1>

Zweihorn marks 110 years of quality

Zweihorn, the high-quality premium wood finishes brand from AkzoNobel, reached an important milestone this year by achieving over a century of quality, expertise and trust in the coatings industry.

Established in 1912, the brand is marking its 110th anniversary in 2022. Its products range from paints, stains and varnishes to oils and waxes, and special products for carpenters and joiners.

“Times may have changed over the past 110 years, but trust in the Zweihorn brand endures,” says Robbert Bleeker, Sales Manager West Europe. “Our mission is to make the future better, easier and more sustainable. We achieve this through excellent service, high quality products and our constant innovations, all aimed at making work easier, quicker and more profitable for our customers and clients.”

Zweihorn was established in Cologne, Germany, by the Horn brothers. Hence the name: ‘Zwei Horn’, or ‘Two Horns’ in English. Beginning as a trader in oil and grease, by the 1920s the business had expanded into producing wood stains, delustrants and polishes. The Horn brothers sold the business in the early 1930s. After passing through a number of private owners, it was bought by chemicals giant ICI in 1976, before being acquired by AkzoNobel in 2005. Today, Zweihorn products are sold in a number of countries, with a very strong reputation in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. It has a large following of loyal and satisfied customers using its products every day.

Follow our journey delivering quality, innovation and support through the years.

A defining milestone in the history of Zweihorn.

A key innovation Zweihorn introduced to the market.

The Horn brothers found the “Horn & Horn” company in Cologne, trading in oils and greases.

The company partners with a group of chemists and starts producing stains, delustrants and polishes.

The Horn brothers sell the company to Cologne-based manufacturer Eugen Wolff.

The company is officially renamed Zweihorn Werk GmbH. The new name reflects the company’s focus on the future and pride in its past.

The factory is destroyed by bombing. A new HQ is established in the Braunsfeld district of Cologne.

Zweihorn is acquired by German paint company Hermann Wiederhold Lackfabriken, based in Hilden, near Düsseldorf. Production is consolidated at one site.

Wiederhold Lackfabriken and Zweihorn are acquired by ICI.

Zweihorn produces Wigranit, the first coloured paint for wood coatings, bringing greater colour freedom and flexibility to the market.

The company launches the first coloured paint mixing system for wood finishing, increasing efficiency and simplifying the mixing process.

Zweihorn develops a spectrophotometer for colour shade determination, the first computer-aided measuring device for wood coatings.

Zweihorn develops the first filler without isolation directly on MDF.

The first water-based insulating filler is launched: Supercryl IF Insulating Filler.

Wigranit Novacolor, the first fire-retardant coloured paint for wood finishing, is developed.

Akzonobel acquires Zweihorn and becomes the market leader in professional wood coatings.

Zweihorn launches Variocryl, a new generation of waterborne varnishes.

Zweihorn introduces Duritan, the ultra-fast-drying, UV-cured high-gloss paint system.

The first residues filler is introduced, which can be mixed 1:1 with leftover paint.

Zweihorn celebrates 100 years of excellent service, high quality products and constant innovation in the wood coatings industry.

Variocryl Treppenlack VC-T is launched, a transparent stair varnish for extra heavy load.

Introduction of Glass Additive GLZ that allows to achieve perfect glass finishing.

Zweihorn introduces new trend colour cards to meet the demand for more vibrant and adventurous stain colours.

On the company’s 110th anniversary, Zweihorn continues to embody the values it was founded on, delivering quality and innovation to the market.

Throughout its long history, Zweihorn has earned a reputation for its industry-leading expertise, quality and innovation. In 1984, it developed the first coloured paint mixing system, Wigranit, followed by a coloured paint mixing machine in 1988. In 1991, the company manufactured a spectrophotometer for colour shade determination. The first solvent-based insulating filler followed in 1995 and, in 1999, the first water-based insulating filler (Supercryl IF Insulating Filler). In 2005, a magnetic adhesive filler was launched, and in 2008, the ultra-fast-drying three-pack high-gloss paint system, Duritan, came onto the market. 2010 saw the launch of a solvent-based paint containing 20% water, Futuran, followed in 2011 with the first residues filler, which can be mixed 1:1 with leftover paint.

“From our earliest days in 1912, we’ve been committed to delivering not only the highest quality wood coatings, but also innovation, services and partnerships that stem from a deep understanding of our industry and are designed to stand the test of time. We look forward to the next 110 years!” says Magdalena Andrzejewska, Distribution Manager Wood finishes Europe.