Solvent-based products

Wigranit® Magnetic Filler

VOC-compliant products

Pigmented two-pack PUR filler for the creation of surfaces with magnetic adherence on conventional wood and wood material.

  • good filling power
  • all commercially available magnets will adhere to the coated surfaces
  • the magnetic surface is not visible after it has been coated with paint

MR 20:1 (5 %, by weight) or 10:1 (10 %, by volume) with PUR Hardener 5085


Mixing ratio PUR 5085 20:1 Mixing ratio PUR 5085 10:1 Pot life 4 h spraying (high/low pressure)
Safety data sheets are no longer made available on the website. If you have questions regarding safety data sheets, please contact your dealer. They have the latest version of the safety data sheets available to you.