Stains and Glazes

Wood stains make raw wood darker, stronger, more expressive, pastel-like or even bright, with greater or lesser nuance. The colour is obtained by soluble colouring or pigments. These penetrate the wood fibres or settle on the wood. On the other hand, chemical additives in the stain, that react with the ingredients of the wood, can change the colour of the wood.

The effect of stains:

  • Enhancement and reinforcement of the original wood colour
  • Colour design with wood structure
  • Enhancing wood pores
  • Enhancing the contrast on soft woods
  • Harmonisation and equalising
  • Covering variations in the wood

Wigranit® Novacolor Stain

Solvent-based pigmented stain with


Antique-Finish Stain

Solvent-based dye/pigmented stain with

S 9800

Colour Concentrate

Liquid concentrate in 10 colour hues for tinting


Spray and Brush Stain

Waterborne/alcohol-based pigment stain with...

S 9900

Aqua Wood Stain

Waterborne pigment stain with brilliant effect on...

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