May 27th to 31st 2019 in Hannover
<a href="" target="_top" class="blocklink"> <h5 class="infobox-header">May 27th to 31st 2019 in Hannover</h5> <div class="infobox-content"> <div class="infobox-textcontent"><p>At LIGNA fair &quot;In touch with the future&quot;</p></div> <span class="arrow-link">Find out more...</span> </div> </a>
Zweihorn® – the brand for craftsman
<a href="/en/products.html" target="_self" class="blocklink"> <h5 class="infobox-header">Zweihorn® – the brand for craftsman</h5> <div class="infobox-content"> <div class="infobox-textcontent"><p><span lang="EN-GB">Expect more – High quality wood finishes for furniture, kitchen, cabinets, building products and flooring<br /></span></p></div> <span class="arrow-link">Find out more about our various products</span> </div> </a>
Make the switch!
<a href="/en/systems/futurecryl-water-based-coatings-system.html" target="_self" class="blocklink"> <h5 class="infobox-header">Make the switch!</h5> <div class="infobox-content"> <div class="infobox-textcontent"><p>Futurecryl water-based coatings system – the (r)evolution</p></div> <span class="arrow-link">More information...</span> </div> </a>
Zweihorn® Orakel, the interactive consultant
<a href="" target="_blank" class="blocklink"> <h5 class="infobox-header">Zweihorn® Orakel, the interactive consultant</h5> <div class="infobox-content"> <div class="infobox-textcontent"><p><span lang="EN-GB">For any questions on surface treatment - at any hour of the night or day<br /></span></p></div> <span class="arrow-link">Discover more...</span> </div> </a>