Ultra fast!

Time savings offer top performance

Alongside quality, time is a decisive factor for competitive success. This is an area where we have made huge progress, and have cut the drying time required for Futurecryl varnishes and FuturecrylColor paints by no less than 50%. This helps you to improve your productivity by making it possible for you to complete more orders within the same time frame.

➚ Ultra fast drying

The fastest water-based coating of all time

Many companies have delayed the switch to water-based coatings because of longer drying times. But Futurecryl water-based coatings can be sanded or painted/varnished after just 2 hours – even when dried at normal room temperatures. And even this short drying time can be cut in half if you raise the temperature by just 4 °C. Even conventional solvent-based coatings are not any faster!

➚ Outstandingly non-blocking finish

Faster stacking and transportation

Previous water-based coatings needed longer drying times before you could stack the painted/varnished surfaces.

Futurecryl water-based coatings can be stacked after around 6 hours and transported on the next working day without any worries.

* According to a technician’s report published by the Melle Technical College for Wood Technology in 2011, these simple and inexpensive options were available for accelerating the drying times (a fan costs only about EUR 35, for example).

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