Perfectly protected!

No chance for substances that stain!

With the high-quality interior fit-outs typical of modern kitchens, dining areas or bathrooms, it is especially important that furniture is treated with a chemical-resistant coating. Compared to conventional, commercially-available competing products, Futurecryl water-based coatings offer the very best chemical resistance available, providing long-lasting protection to surfaces with only a one-component application.

➚ Best in class chemical resistance

Until now, solvent-based coatings have been the gold standard for chemical resistance.

That’s now history, because the (r)evolution has started: as 1C applications, Futurecryl coatings achieve the same chemical resistance as 2C solvent-based coatings!
Our new FuturecrylColor paint easily meets the requirements of DIN 68861 1B – even though it is a one-component coating. Thanks to the use of PW 4000 – a new, non-toxic performance enhancer for water-based coatings – you can also achieve maximum protection against aggressive solvents.

There’s simply nothing better!

➚ Improved PVC stability

As 1C coatings, the Futurecryl varnishes and FuturecrylColor colour paints achieve the same PVC stability that many water-based coatings on the market only achieve in a 2C application.

Zweihorn® Futurecryl

Competing product

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