Extremely hard-wearing!

First-class protection against scratches and wear!

All painted furniture surfaces require long-lasting protection against scratches and wear. Futurecryl water-based coatings offer outstanding hardness and are therefore very hard-wearing. The excellent metal marking resistance offered by FuturecrylColor paints also offers long-term protection even without a varnish coat.

➚ Outstanding hardness

The Futurecryl coating system achieves an outstanding hardness grade. As one example, the FuturecrylColor 1C water-based paint FCC/white achieves a higher hardness grade faster than 2C solvent-based paints. And this grade stays slightly higher than the value for the solvent-based paint.

➚ Very good metal marking resistance

The new FuturecrylColor water-based colour paints also offer outstanding metal marking resistance – even as a 1C application.

! Colour paint mixing system

All FuturecrylColor water-based colour paints are available in almost any colour, e.g. based on RAL, Sikkens, NCS or a customer sample.

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