A guaranteed system!

The future-proof product range!

To provide first-class protection for all of your surfaces, Zweihorn® offers you a complete, future-proof range of water-based coatings. All of the components in this system are carefully coordinated to ensure the perfect finish.

FuturecrylColor Insulating Filler FCC-IF

FuturecrylColor Colour Paint FCC

Futurecryl Brightening Varnish FC-AG

Futurecryl Varnish FC 8,9,0

Futurecryl Deep Matt Varnish FC-TM

Performer Water-Based Coating PW 4000

Strong. Stronger. Performance enhancer for water-based coatings

It’s a familiar problem: many curing agents have hazardous substance labelling and must therefore be handled carefully and locked away when not in use. That’s now history!

The PW 4000 performance enhancer for water-based coatings is a non-toxic additive that further boosts the performance of the Futurecryl/FuturecrylColor water-based paints and varnishes! As one example, they can be used to finish the surfaces in wet rooms that need to have a very high level of resistance.