Varnishes offer the wood ideal protection against external influences and damage, so that surfaces are more resistant and durable. However, varnishes do not only protect, they also embellish and showcase the object. They have many applications: Colourless systems can be used alone, but they can also be applied as a finishing varnish on stained and painted surfaces. Choose the ideal varnish according to its application purpose. For this, it is important to consider the requirements and demands in terms of protection, strain and design (gloss, open pores/closed pores). At the same time, the decision is linked to available technology and options, to existing restrictions (ChemVOCFarbV, test standards) and finally to economic considerations. With its comprehensive paint range, Zweihorn® offers woodworkers and joiners the appropriate product for every requirement.

Super Duroffix® Filling Primer

Formaldehyde-free one-pack filling primer for...


Super Duroffix® Varnish

Formaldehyde-free one-pack filling primer for...


Super Duroffix® Brightening Varnish

Formaldehyde-free, not pore-emphasizing one-pack...


Unolit Varnish

One-pack PUR varnish with integrated hardener


Plastic Varnish Insulating Varnish

Deeply penetrating two-pack PUR insulating...

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