Surfacers and Fillers

Surfacers and fillers are used to prepare the substrate. Surfacers even out dents, tears and other damage on the wood surface. Fillers even out small uneven features of the substrate and cover the wood before the next coloured coating. Fillers can also be used as a bonding agent between the wooden substrate and the next coating.

Wigranit® Allround Primer

Multifunctional, white pigmented 2-pack PU...


Wigranit® Insulating Filler

High-quality, white pigmented two-pack PUR...


Wigranit® Filler

Reasonably priced, quick drying, white pigmented...


Wigranit® Residues Filler

Innovative, resource-efficient two-pack PUR...


Wigranit® Magnetic Filler

Pigmented two-pack PUR filler for the creation of...

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