Waterborne products

Futurecryl Varnish dead matt

The latest generation of transparent 1K/2K clear varnish for particularly heavy use. Single component with outstanding chemical resistance according to DIN 68861 1B.

  • Single component for all uses
  • Double component only if a higher solvent resistance is desired
  • Lightfast
  • Good enhancing on most woods
  • Superior saturation
  • Great cream and grease-resistance
  • Superior scratch and wear resistance
  • PVC-resistant
  • Performer Water-Based Coating PW 4000 used for 2K application is completely non-toxic

MR 20:1 (5 %) for 2K processing with Performer Water-Based Coating PW 4000, water thinner.


Mixing ratio PWH 4000 20:1 do not store and transport under 5°C see the Technical Data Sheet spraying (high/low pressure) stir thoroughly Pot life 24 h as 2K