Correct Glazing Pen

Glazing pen for transparent touching up
of small, coloured defects on coated wood surfaces.

  • in the case of small scratches, chafe marks or edges
  • in 12 standard colours
  • especially shaped for precise repair work


Safety data sheets are no longer made available on the website. If you have questions regarding safety data sheets, please contact your dealer. They have the latest version of the safety data sheets available to you.
Correct Glazing Pen

01 Maple, birch, ash

02 Beech, natural (PM 1)

03 Oak, light (PM 30)

04 Birch, light (PM 2)

05 Cherry, light (PM 3)

06 Oak, medium (PM 31)

07 Mahogany (PM 13)

08 Mahogany, reddish (PM 14)

09 Walnut, medium (PM 10)

10 Oak, rustic (PM 43)

11 Walnut, dark (PM 12)

12 Black (PM 16)