Waterborne products

FuturecrylColor Paint

The latest generation of pigmented 1K/2K coloured paint for all high-performance, coloured finishes. Single component with outstanding chemical resistance according to DIN 68861 1B.

  • Single component for all uses
  • Double component only if a higher solvent resistance is desired
  • Excellent filling and covering power
  • Great stability
  • Lightfast colour pigments
  • Large range of colours 1
  • Performer Water-Based Coating PW 4000 used for 2K application is completely non-toxic

MR 20:1 (5 %) for 2K processing with Performer Water-Based Coating PW 4000, water thinner


do not store and transport under 5°C Pot life 24 h as 2K stir thoroughly spraying (high/low pressure) see the Technical Data Sheet Mixing ratio PWH 4000 20:1
Safety data sheets are no longer made available on the website. If you have questions regarding safety data sheets, please contact your dealer. They have the latest version of the safety data sheets available to you.