NEW! The "Renovation" know-how guide for economical and environmentally friendly renovation

Great value is placed on sustainability and healthy living according to our current lifestyle. As a social trend, this means retaining the value or use of existing resources. Because of this, old doors, wooden stairs or well-loved furniture are not simply replaced with new things but rather kept. Professional renovation by you creates a new, robust and attractive surface. You can achieve the perfect result using our high-coverage, high-strength water-based paints.

With our new Zweihorn® renovation guide, we are supporting painters and varnishers as well as carpenters and joiners, who are proven experts in renovation work. We provide comprehensive information and valuable tips on the subject of processing with Zweihorn® water-based paints as well as all of the relevant information from the right products and processing steps to value retention.

At Zweihorn®, an Akzo Nobel brand, sustainability is an important strategic objective and is taken into account in all product developments. Safety, health, environmental protection and clear user advantages are the key factors here. In this respect, we have accelerated the further development of waterborne paint systems that make work during processing easier and provide a perfect surface.

The guide is available from your Zweihorn® field agent, wholesale retailer or to download from our website.