HEART WOOD – Colour of the year 2018

A team of designers and trend researchers from all over the world and AkzoNobel colour experts are analysing trends from various fields and cultures. This gives us the certainty that our key trends universally mirror the current overall mood. The current mood is characterized by a flood of information, technology, big data, social media, algorithms, video surveillance, fake news and much more. The flood of data and information causes movement and change and a society that is in a constant state of flux.

The faster the world turns, the more important it is for us to escape the hustle and bustle in order to live, enjoy and recuperate.


Passion for wood

In the search for real personal value in one's own home, wood is given a high priority. Wood allows spaces to speak! Despite the fact that we are always in “standby mode”, wood transforms rooms into a cosy home in which we can turn off and recuperate in order to start refreshed.

You work and form wood in order to make living room more appealing and comfortable. And you love it. Love and passion for wood is what connects us. This is why we would like to keep you up-to-date on current trends in colour and wood. With the ColourFutures™ and WoodFutures trend, you always have the best information when it comes to the stylish combination of trendy colours and wood.

With the Colour of the Year, Heart Wood, wood is enjoying particular appreciation in 2018 because wood fulfils the desire to convey warmth and safety in the home. This means that wood is being used more and more in all living space today. Heart Wood mirrors the pleasant properties and value of natural wood and creates the pleasant atmosphere of a comfortable home with its grey-pink tones. In order to provide you more certainty when designing with colours and wood, the tones of the individual collections harmoniously flow into one another. Heart Wood, the 2018 Colour of the Year, is included in each of the 4 colour palettes.

Colours and wood the right combination

Allow the creative combinations of current colour and surface trends inspire you to become a trend expert in 2018. With ColourFutures™ and WoodFutures, you can visually demonstrate the interplay between colour and wood to your customers during consultations - and make the right decision together based on this.


Download here the ColourFutures™ and WoodFutures trend brochures.