One primer for every occasion

The new Wigranit® 2-pack PU All-Round Primer AF ist ein echtes Multitalent. is very multi-talented. A white-pigmented, solvent-containing, 2-pack primer, it can be used in a variety of applications, such as public buildings, hotels and interior fittings in ships. As an all-rounder, it ensures a perfect opaque primer coat on wood and wood materials, such as particle boards with primer foil, solid wood or MDF.

It is easy to apply and sands very well. However, what truly distinguishes the Wigranit® 2-pack PU All-Round Primer is its very smooth surface that provides an excellent foundation for a perfect surface result. The primer has the further advantage that it can be applied to MDF without any prior isolation (except in wet rooms).

Benefits at a glance:

  • Easy to apply
  • Can be applied to MDF without isolation (except in wet rooms, where we recommend the reputed Wigranit® Isolating Primer IF)
  • For all interior surfaces
  • Very good filling properties
  • Perfect for work with other system components in the Wigranit® pigmented topcoat system

Perfectly coordinated - the new All-Round Primer and the Wigranit® Novacolor pigmented topcoat system

The new Wigranit® AF All-Round Primer and the tried and tested Wigranit® IF Isolating Primer are perfectly coordinated with the Wigranit® Novacolor pigmented and effect topcoats. The matching Crystallit® clear topcoats protect coloured surfaces and produce the appropriate gloss or a silk gloss effect. As all products are hardened with the PUR 5085 hardener, the primer, the pigmented and the clear topcoat system is completely reliable and produces perfect results!